Why Global Business Fleets Choose Us

Hear how AlertDriving's safety programs deliver scalable driver-level metrics along with consistent training outcomes, fleet-wide.

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“ AlertDriving takes us to the next level. ”
Geoff Earl
Director of Safety, Health and Environment


MSC Industrial Supply

“Every day they’re looking for different ways to help us be better at what we do.”

Brian Nulty

Sr. Manager of Global Safety, MSC Industrial Supply

NV Energy

“AlertDriving is one of the best tools I have in my tool bag.”

Ben Brewer

Supervisor, Safety & Health, NV Energy

CenterPoint Energy

“Using AlertDriving probably saved my family and my friend from serious injury, if not worse.”

Walter L. Bryant

Regional VP Operations, CenterPoint Energy


“ AlertDriving is the backbone of our driving safety program. ”

Jay Beers

VP, International Health and Safety


“ I've yet to find anybody that can outclass AlertDriving. That's why we've been with you for seven years. ”

Alan Da Silva

Global Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

CenterPoint Energy

“AlertDriving has a phenomenal team. They are very professional, they are always available and we have regular meetings to communicate ways of maintaining and improving the system.”

Willie Washington

Safety Manager, CenterPoint Energy


“ Getting home safe is very, very important, and that's very much always at the back of my mind. We must make a difference. ”

Duncan Kerr

Environmental, Health, Safety & Compliance Manager


“ The ongoing support with tracking the rollout and implementation compliance of the training is important… you're getting this support from AlertDriving. ”

Stefan Bengtsson

Corporate Safety Manager